Using paint produced within the Cradle-to-cradle concept

The past years consumers have become accustomed to the concept of sustainable en environment friendly production of goods. Society is increasingly concerned with handling waste in an environment friendly manner. Individuals are being accustomed to separate waste to facilitate re-use. Product recycling is becoming more common. Recycled products are promoted and are becoming more common.

In The Netherlands alone annually thousands of tons of unused paint are being incinerated. To bring back unused paint in the production chain (recycling) instead of incinerating results in a considerable environmental gain. Eco-Paints is stimulating environmental consciousness of the public by promoting the re-use of unused paint (‘cradle-to-cradle’).

Paint recycling process

Eco Paints are carefully selected from left-over paint products. During an advanced production process the left-over paints are upgraded to a high level quality paint. Eco Paints are intensively tested on major paint quality characteristics such as suture, discoloration, convergence, wear resistance and protective capacity.

From each produced batch of recycled paint a sample is being kept for future reference. This secures that the source, quality and color of the paint produced by Eco paints is fully traceable.


1. Collection of paint

When unused paint is being collected it is brought to a central place where these paints will be valued on their suitability for re-use. After that the water based and oil based paints are separated and sorted by source, characteristics and color.


2. Mixing of paints

Usable left over paints selected by color catagory are being mixed to become a homogene batch of new paint.


3. Quality check

The quality of the mixed paint (e.g. viscosity, covering power and density) is continuously during the process being monitored by laboratory measurements. If needed paint ingredients are added to bring the paint at the desired quality level.


4. Sieving and filling

As soon as the paint batch is up to the desired quality level, the paint batch is sieved and filled in cans. The cans used are coated and the buckets used are all of materials that can be recycled. Re-use of materals is fundamental in the philosophy of Eco paints.